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Can’t meet John Culberson at a Town Hall?

Come ask your questions of James Cargas!


Congress is in recess February 18-26 so Members can return to their districts and hold town hall meeting and get input from their constituents – but not John Culberson. He’s not having any of that. Instead, his only district event is a $50 lunch with the Village Republican Women’s group at Lakeside Country Club.

You must pay and be a member of the Republican club to meet the Congressman from District 7.

What’s on your mind? The future of health care, our immigration laws, Russian interference with our elections, attacks on Social Security and Medicare, or something else?

Ask James Cargas your questions in the comment section below.


Date: Tues., Feb. 21, 2017

When: 6:00 to 8:15pm

Where: Axelrad Beer Garden, 1517 Alabama Rd., Houston, TX 77009

RSVP and Details: Click Here

Still want to voice your opinion to John Culberson?

Then join us outside Lakeside Country Club.

“Country Club Culberson” has made a choice to only meet with constituents who share his views and when there is a check attached. A rally is planned outside the Lakeside Country Club to demand that the Congressman meet with the residents of his district in person before returning to Washington.  The Congressman owes this at a minimum to his constituents.   Currently, the only option available for constituents to speak to the Congressman is a telephone town hall where one’s contact information is required for submission to secure an “invitation”


Date: Wed., Feb. 22, 2017

When: 10:00am to 1:00pm

Where: Lakeside Country Club, 100 Wilcrest Dr., Houston, TX 77099

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