The Worlds Energy Capital



Houston is the world’s Energy Capital, this includes dominance in renewable energy as well as traditional oil and gas.

Congressional District 7 is home to the Texas Energy Corridor and thousands of well-paying energy jobs. The Energy Corridor should have a strong representative in Washington. But, in the past 15 years, John Culberson has not initiated a single piece of successful legislation to benefit energy employment in Houston. Instead, he has consistently voted against the renewable energy industry.

Texas is already the largest producer of wind power in the world, and solar power is taking off. Today when the oil and gas industry is laying people off, the wind and solar industries are hiring.

I am an energy lawyer and energy expert. I have worked at the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission, for an interstate pipeline company, at the U.S. Department of Energy under Secretary Bill Richardson, and today, I am Mayor Sylvester Turner’s energy lawyer handling all of the City’s energy needs.

Today, the City of Houston is the 7th largest purchaser of renewable energy in the Nation.

Last fall, I helped the City close a deal for 30 megawatts of solar power.

If you want Houston to retain its dominance as the world’s Energy Capital in the new economy, if you want a representative in Congress that supports jobs in the energy industry, if you are tired of a do-nothing Congress that does not represent Houston’s future, then vote for James Cargas.

Together we will get Houston working again.

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