James Cargas calls on Congress to investigate Russian ties to the Administration




“What did the president know, and when did he know it?”
We owe that famous line to Senator Howard Baker, a Republican from Tennessee, who co-chaired the Watergate Hearings that ultimately led to the resignation of a Republican president.
I’m James Cargas, The Democratic candidate for United States Congress on the West side of Houston.
We have heard and read a great deal about Russia’s interference in the recent presidential elections.
Here are the facts so far:

Fact – hackers working for Russian leader Vladimir Putin hacked into the DNC’s servers,
And the DNC emails were publicized on Wikileaks,
Fact – hackers working for Russia systematically created and boosted fake news on the internet favorable to Donald Trump and unfavorable to Hillary Clinton.
Fact – both Trump Campaign Manager Paul Manafort and Trump campaign advisor Carter Page remain under FBI investigation for illegal and possibly treasonous interactions with the Russians.
Fact – Donald Trump has still not released his tax returns leaving the public to wonder what ties to Russian bankers he is hiding.
Fact – retired US General Michael Flynn, who was a close advisor to Donald Trump on the campaign and briefly held a position on the National Security Council for President Trump, was forced to resign after lying about his communications with the Russians both during and after the election.

We expect our enemies in Russia to challenge our democracy, test our national strength, and threaten our allies.
What we DON’T expect is our candidates and elected leaders committing treason and colluding with our enemies in Russia.
“What did the president know, and when did he know it?”
Very few people on Capitol Hill are asking these questions.
John Culberson is not one of them.
Senator John Cornyn of Texas, Congressman Walter Jones of North Carolina, and almost 200 other members of Congress are backing HR 356 and calling for a bipartisan Commission on Foreign Interference in the 2016 election, similar to the one Congress created after 9/11.
John Culberson is not one of them.
I’m James Cargas and I am embarrassed that so many members of the Texas congressional delegation are staying silent.
Congress must do its job and investigate not only Russian interference in our election, but also identify which Americans colluded with the enemy – even if that investigation leads all the way to the White House.
Senator Baker also said he put the good of the nation above politics when he headed the Watergate Commission.
He believed in uncovering the real facts, and letting the chips fall where they may.
We should too.

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