Staying Focused on Our Children, and Our Future

As important as Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s investigation of Russian interference is, we can’t allow Trump’s misconduct to distract us from working towards the progress we have yet to achieve.

On May 17, 1954, the Supreme Court delivered its historic decision in Brown v. Board of Education, helping end segregation and giving momentum to the Civil Rights Movement. Today, we should celebrate how far we’ve come in the 63 years since “separate but equal” was finally rejected. But if we truly aspire to ensure that all Americans have access to the opportunities they deserve, we have an obligation to recognize the work still ahead of us.

Children across the United States still don’t have equal access to a high-quality education, a reality that continues to perpetuate racial and economic inequality in this country. It’s time for us to invest in real solutions.

  • Universal pre-K initiatives put students in a better position to succeed when they get to elementary school.
  • Affordable college gives all who want it the opportunity to pursue higher education.
  • Let’s make sure our public schools have the funding they need to give all of our children a top-flight education.

Vouchers? Not if I am elected to Congress!

More than six decades after Brown v. Board of Education was decided, the promise of America is supposed to belong to all of us. I’m fighting to make sure that one day soon, it will.

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