Sen. Garcia, Reps. Allen and Farrar, and frm. CM Noriega Speak Out: Four Powerful and Inspiring Women Say James Cargas Is their Choice in Congress

HOUSTON (Feb. 25, 2014) Senator Sylvia Garcia (D-6), Rep. Dr. Alma Allen (D-131), Rep. Jessica Farrar (D-148) and former Councilmember Melissa Noriega released the following letter to the women of Congressional District 7.

Dear Mothers, Daughters, and Sisters,

The Republican assault on women’s rights and issues, led by the Tea Party, has been successful at eroding the rights we have and denying us the equality we seek. Senator Wendy Davis led a valiant stand last summer that earned her, and our issues, national attention.  But, in a subsequent session, the horrific legislation we stood up to was forced through the Legislature.  And, it is happening on Capitol Hill too.  The assault isn’t just focused on our bodies: it’s focused on our children’s education, on equal pay, on Social Security, on Medicare, and pretty much any issue we as women care about. The clock is being turned back.

Today, we are asking you to take a stand with us and support our ally and friend James Cargas who is running for the United States Congress in your district.

James has the depth and breadth of experience to serve in the United States Congress. A loyal Democrat, James worked on Capitol Hill after college, in the Clinton White House after law school, and is currently working as the Senior Assistant City Attorney for Energy for Mayor Annise Parker. He is honest and hard-working with a strong commitment to public service.  This is James’ second run in Congressional District 7.  He does not give up. Instead, he has the commitment, dedication and perseverance we need in Washington DC advocating for us and our families.

Always by his side is his wife, Dr. Dorina Papageorgiou, a neuroscientist in our Texas Medical Center. She is a passionate advocate not only for medical research but also for women’s healthcare needs.  Now that’s an added bonus!

I don’t need to remind you that Republicans and their Tea Party allies vote time and again against your best interests as women and are proud of it.  James has stood up for women and will continue to stand up for women in the United States Congress, for us to control our own bodies, for education, for equal pay, and against those in the military leadership who don’t recognize sexual assault as a crime.  James stands with us.

James is in a contested Democratic Primary and needs your support and vote on March 4th.

We strongly urge you to support our friend James Cargas for the United States Congress. He is the candidate who can win in November against the Republicans and their Tea Party allies and stand up for women in these hostile times.


Hon. Sylvia Garcia, Senator Dist. 6
Hon. Dr. Alma Allen, Representative Dist. 131
Hon. Jessica Farrar, Representative Dist. 148

Hon. Melissa Noriega, Former Councilmember

Houston Deserves Better!

James Cargas offers extensive public service experience. He has served in the U.S. House of Representatives as a deputy press secretary, Federal Energy Regulatory Commission as a law clerk, Clinton White House as an aide, and U.S. Department of Energy under Secretary Bill Richardson as a political appointee.  He currently serves Mayor Annise Parker as the Senior Assistant City Attorney for Energy for the City of Houston, a position he also held under Mayor Bill White. James is married to Dr. Dorina Papageorgiou, a neuroscientist who works in the Texas Medical Center.

Additional information on the James Cargas campaign.

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