Public Education

Any child growing up in NASA’s back yard should not only be able to dream of exploring the stars,

they should be given the education to make their dreams come true.


I’m James Cargas, and I’m running for the United States Congress in Texas’ Seventh District.

Every child deserves the opportunity to earn the future they dream for themselves.

Education is the vehicle that enables people to achieve the American Dream.

We’ve always viewed education as the great equalizer.

But let’s face it, education can only be the great equalizer when all Americans have equal access to it.




First, I’m fighting for universal Pre-K.

Research shows that one of the BEST investments we can make in a child’s life, is a high-quality EARLY education.

Because Congress has failed to act, 30 states have come up with their own funding for universal Pre-K.

Unfortunately, Texas is not one of them.

We here in Texas need Congress to act.

Second, we cannot divert money from public schools and give it to private schools.

Voucher programs provide more opportunities to a few students at the expense of the many.

That’s not who we are.

Vouchers are not equal opportunity.


Third, I am fighting for greater STEM education.

We need to make challenging curriculums our priority rather than mindless testing.

Science, technology, engineering, and math are the skills Americans need for the new economy.

When Congress does not invest in STEM education, Congress withholds jobs, careers and the American Dream from the people it’s supposed to represent.

Fourth, I am fighting for an affordable education.

We should make it easier, not harder, for students who want to continue their education after high school.

Today, America’s graduates owe over one trillion dollars in student loan debt.

This massive burden stifles innovation, hinders new businesses, and weighs down our economy.

Low interest rates and student loan forgiveness programs allow our youth to realize their career dreams, and boost their income and job prospects.

When the middle class is strong, employed, and vibrant, the US Treasury will be paid back tenfold.

An affordable education is an investment Congress must make.


And finally, I’m fighting for our community colleges, and the technical and vocational programs they offer.

Houston is a world leader in energy, medical research, international trade, manufacturing, and space exploration.

The good jobs are here.

But, are we preparing our children for these jobs in our own backyard?

Are we re-training their parents for the new economy?

Community Colleges are essential to training Americans with the skills employers need, and to matching graduates to good jobs here in Houston.

But this isn’t just about investing in individuals – this is about investing in our country.

A more educated workforce stimulates the economy and in turn, creates more jobs and more prosperity.

I am fighting so everyone can realize the American Dream.

Join me in fighting for the opportunities and jobs that come from a good education.

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