Press Release: Cargas TV Ad Hits on Past Due Flood Control in TX-07

In a television campaign launched before early voting in the Texas Primary, the James Cargas for Congress Campaign is once again putting a spotlight on the critical need for funding of flood control measures and repairs to Addicks and Bakers Dams. The 30 second spot utilizes footage from James Cargas’ 2016 ad campaign which called out the incumbent for the lack of funding for flood control after the 2015 Memorial Day flood and the 2016 Tax Day flood. Standing in the home of a constituent devastated by Hurricane Harvey in 2017, Cargas once again points out the tragic consequences of Congressional inaction.

In the ad, Cargas says, “If the area had secured a few million for flood control before Harvey, this would not have happened. Now Congress is spending billions on FEMA relief. That doesn’t make sense.”

During the unveiling of the ad to a group of supporters, Cargas provided an update on recent legislation in Washington. “Congress may have just authorized $17.4 billion for the U.S. Corps of Engineers to consider projects in areas across our Nation impacted by floods, fires and hurricanes in 2017, but it also failed to pass H.R. 5025 in 2016 which would have targeted $311 million for flood control in Harris County before Harvey flooded the Houston area. The people of Harris County have suffered and tax payers are spending more because Congress did not take action sooner.”

The ad was filmed and produced locally by Jorge Bernal of Star Stuff LLC and Meredyth Hayes.

The 30 second ad can be viewed here:

The previous 2016 ad can be viewed in full here:

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