Must Pass Comprehensive Immigration Reform, Starting with DREAM Act




In 2001, Congressional Republicans first introduced the DREAM Act. It was immigration reform that would allow children brought here illegally, who graduate from an American high school, and
who have no criminal record to get at the end of the line and apply for citizenship.

It only affects a few hundred thousand people who grew up as Americans, and are already integrated into the fabric of our society. But, 16 years later, this modest immigration reform remains unfulfilled.

I’m James Cargas, and I am running for the United States Congress in Congressional District 7.

I will support comprehensive immigration reform, including measures like the DREAM Act, that keep families together and allow law-abiding people to remain part of the American economy
and continue to live in our communities. Donald Trump and John Culberson want to waste billions of your tax dollars building a wall. They have no realistic proposals about what to do with the 11 million plus undocumented people already here. Our immigration laws are broken in ways that often break up families, allowing a father to stay here, while deporting the mother.

But, the Tea Party controlled Congress is not interested in doing its job and updating our immigration laws. In 2012, President Obama announced that he would use the discretion given to him by our Constitution, and stop deporting people who meet the criteria of the DREAM Act. This is not how we are supposed to amend our laws. Faced with Congressional gridlock and political bickering, the President had no other options for keeping families together. 16 years was long enough to wait for Congressional action.

The President had no choice, but YOU do have a choice this November.

If Republicans cannot, or will not, pass such simple legislation, then Democrats should be given an opportunity to govern this November.

I am running because I am tired of our do-nothing Congress.

I am James Cargas, and I would be honored to have your vote.

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