More water coming from the Corps!


It’s no secret that Barker and Addicks dams have been labeled as at “extremely high risk of catastrophic failure” since 2009. And, it’s no secret that John Culberson has only managed to secure minimal funds for the Corps of Engineers to make modest repairs.

Now, we may pay the price for our “do-nothing” Congressman. These dams have taken on too much water from Harvey, and the Corps will begin releasing 4,000 cubic feet per second of water from Addicks at 2 am Monday. That’s double the normal release rate. They will do the same for Barker starting at 11 am Monday.

Both dams flow into Buffalo Bayou, which has already reached its limits. This is bad news for people living in Memorial City, Hedwig Village, Hunters Creek Village, Piney Point Village, Memorial, and River Oaks. But the alternative—a New Orleans-style catastrophic failure—is worse. Folks in Cinco Ranch and Canyon Gate, who live behind Barker, may also feel the impact.

The Corps wouldn’t be in this dilemma if these 72+ year old dams were adequately funded and maintained.

Please stay safe!

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