James Cargas Speaks Out Against DCCC “Opposition” Research Released in TX-07 Primary


When I entered the competition for the Democratic nomination, I anticipated being attacked by the incumbent and his Tea Party. I am sure the other Democratic candidates anticipated the same.

It is incredibly disappointing, however, when such an attack comes from the very political party we support, build, sustain, fund, and give our loyalty to. The DCCC’s decision to widely distribute “opposition” research on my colleague Laura Moser was unprofessional and shortsighted.

If the DCCC had properly done its research, it would have found the allegations it published about Laura’s recent residency, rental home, and attempts at humor were already publicly known on social media. One of the current CD7 Democratic candidates has actually been aggressively pushing the residency issue with no tangible success. The DCCC should have realized the vast majority of voters in Houston do not find this to be disqualifying and its plans would backfire. Houston is a diverse community where new arrivals, whether from our Nation’s capital or overseas, are welcomed and embraced. Young adults, who leave and later return, are welcomed back by more than just their proud parents.

Kudos to Laura for now successfully turning this inappropriate memo into gallons of lemonade – and donations.

One of the reasons Democrats lost in 2016 was because of the DNC’s decision to favor one primary candidate over another. This act of sabotage turned off many young and new voters who then failed to show up in the general election.  DCCC should learn from the DNC’s mistakes; not repeat them.  In fact, about a year ago, I confronted my friend and former boss, Donna Brazile, about this issue because I want my party and its leaders to do better and be stronger. It is my sincere hope that the DCCC too has learned from this misstep and will be smarter, stronger and better come November.

In the meantime, don’t mess with Texas!

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