James Cargas Denounces Senate Plan To Rip Healthcare From Millions

In response to Senate Republicans’ healthcare bill released today, James Cargas issued the following statement:

“Seven weeks ago, John Culberson enthusiastically supported a healthcare bill that even President Trump called ‘mean.’ In deciding to follow the lead of their colleagues in the House today, Senate Republicans showed once again that for them, politics has never been about their constituents. The Senate’s version of the healthcare bill slashes Medicaid, eliminates funding to women’s health clinics like Planned Parenthood, raises deductibles and out-of-pocket costs, and rips healthcare away from millions of Americans. It’s no wonder they chose to negotiate this bill in secret.

It’s appalling to see that Republicans are willing to sacrifice the wellbeing of the very people they are tasked with serving just to score some cheap political points. If Republicans aren’t willing to reprioritize and start working to advance the welfare of the American people, including many of their own supporters, they can count on finding a new line of work in the near future.

Members of Congress are sent to Capitol Hill to represent the best interest of Americans, including finding ways to expand affordable healthcare to everyone. They are not there to play political games. Simply put, Americans will die if this legislation ever becomes law. In the greatest country in the world, I will not stand to see Americans denied access to healthcare because they can’t afford it.”

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