Honoring the Workers Who Helped Us and Kept US Safe


When we relied on police officers, fire personnel, public works employees, and the many other public servants to work 12-plus hour shifts to help us get through the dangers of Hurricane Harvey, we relied on union labor.

When we watch the Port of Houston reopen or lines of trucks bringing much-needed supplies and donations to our neighbors who need them the most, we are relying on union labor.

When our roads and communities flood and become too dangerous to traverse, we rely on union labor to warn us and help us find alternatives.

When we are rushed to a medical center and the nurses and other medical professionals administer first aid and help us heal and recover, we are relying on union labor.

And, when we need a well-trained plumber, electrician, carpenter, drywall or insulation installer, mason, construction worker, painters, and many others, to help us recover and rebuild, we will rely on union labor.

Thank you to all the working Americans who helped us and kept us safe during the worst storm in US history.

Happy Labor Day!


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