Hold Trump Accountable

Trump is hiding something. Maybe it’s criminal? Maybe it’s an impeachable offense? Or, maybe it’s just a little embarrassing. Whatever it is, the American people are entitled to full disclosure and transparency.

Just days after FBI Director James Comey requested more resources for the Russia investigation, Trump fired Comey without warning – without calling to tell him and without having a replacement ready. This might turn out to be the biggest cover-up in American history.



The heroes of Watergate were courageous Republicans who put their country ahead of their party. Unfortunately, there aren’t enough of those Republicans left to join the Democrats to form a majority coalition. Comey’s firing is about the GOP’s rubber stamps in Congress, like John Culberson, who say and do nothing. Congress has a Constitutional duty to check the power of the Executive Branch where there are abuses. Congress also has a responsibility to investigate, hold hearings and inform the American public about the actions of our government.

On October 28, 2016, when Comey reopened his investigation into Secretary Clinton’s emails days before the election, Culberson said, “Her careless behavior and inept judgment has put American security at risk. Public officials should be held to the highest standards, not given special treatment.” Now that the careless behavior and inept judgment is that of Donald Trump, Culberson is suddenly silent and okay with the top public official in the Nation putting American security at risk. That’s not representing the people of Houston.

I’m running for Congress to hold this administration accountable. Now that our current Congress has proven they aren’t up to the task, I’m calling for a special prosecutor to complete this investigation.

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