Dos Centavos Endorses James for Congress!



“Jim Cargas has done a lot to put CD7 on the map for Democrats when the polls weren’t favorable. He deserves credit for that–and your vote! As far as the big monied ones are concerned, throwing money around and putting up badly written ads on TV doesn’t attract me as a voter. Others have done OK on the issues, though. I just wish they’d been around to raise money when Cargas was earning 44% of the vote with little help in 2016.”

“What a truly great honor to receive Dos Centavos and Stace Medellin’s nod. He and his family have been involved in Democratic politics and advocating for Latino voters for a long-time,” James said upon learning he was endorsed from the crowded field in Congressional District 7.


Dos was founded by A.S. (Stace) Medellin, Jr. in April, 2005.  With a goal to target the Chicano and Latino community, DosCentavos soon began to enjoy a diverse readership beyond Houston, TX.  As a socio-political weblog, DosCentavos covers local, state, and national politics, Chicano music, arts, and culture, and much more.

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