Congress Must Respect Americans Demands for Gun Control Legislation



When you hear Orlando, Virginia Tech, Sandy Hook, Charleston, San Bernardino, Aurora, or Tucson, what comes to mind?

This list reminds me of the loss of innocent lives to gun violence. Mass shootings in America are getting worse and more frequent every year. What has the United States Congress done? Nothing!

Hello, I’m James Cargas, and I am the Democratic challenger in Texas’s Congressional District 7.

I will support the no-fly no-buy legislation that denies gun ownership to anyone on the TSA’s no-fly list or the FBI’s terrorist watch list. Fewer than 3% of the people on these lists are Americans. Additionally, I will support legislation that closes loop holes, and treats every gun purchaser fairly and equally by requiring background checks before enjoying their Second Amendment right. Now, there is no guaranty that keeping people on the no-fly list from buying guns, or tightening background checks will prevent the next mass shooting.

But, doing nothing is no longer an option.

I have spoken to Republicans and Democrats, to conservatives and liberals, and independents- everyone agrees that keeping guns away from suspected terrorists and applying background checks uniformly are easy steps that should be law. This past summer, rather than hold a vote on this legislation, House Republicans – including John Culberson – shut off the lights and cameras,
and went home for the Fourth of July weekend a day early.

If Republicans cannot, or will not, pass such simple legislation, then Democrats should be given an opportunity to govern this November.

I am running because I am tired of our do-nothing Congress.

I am James Cargas, and I would be honored to have your vote.

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