It’s not about left or right, it’s about right or wrong.


I’m running for US Congress in Texas’ 7th District because we deserve representation that reflects our values.

Houstonians want Congress to expand access to health care, stand up to discrimination, invest in science and research, and build an economy that gives all hardworking Americans the opportunity to succeed.

The stakes have never been higher, and we need someone who is ready to do the job from day one. I worked on Capitol Hill before the Tea Party, Culberson and Trump corrupted it. Now, I’m running for Congress to stand up to Trump when he ignores the Constitution and to ensure that the promise of America belongs to all of us.
I hope you’ll join me.

  • “He is the candidate who can win in November against the Republicans and their Tea Party allies and stand up for women in these hostile times”

    - Senator Sylvia Garcia
  • “The district leans Republican, but not so much that a moderate Democrat like Cargas can’t win”

    - Washington Monthly
  • “Very early on, way before he came to Washington, I worked with James and his family in my district in Michigan as a liaison to the Greek community,His family was very well respected. James was a thoughtful, persistent, fine young man, including the time he was part of my communications group. If elected, I believe he will do a fine job for his constituents.”

    - Former Congressman David Bonior (D-MI)
  • “Recently federal research funding has suffered deep cuts, Cargas will work to restore federal research funding”

    - Dr. Robert Curl. Nobel Prize in Chemistry
  • “A much needed voice of reason in Washington DC”

    - Gayle Fallon, former President, Houston Federation of Teachers
  • “James has the depth and breadth of experience to serve in the United States Congress”

    - Rep. Jessica Farrar
  • “James is honest and hard-working with a strong commitment to public service”

    - Former At-Large Council Member Melissa Noriega
  • ” He does not give up “

    - Rep. Alma Allen

Evil does not stop…

Evil does not stop at doors of a church in Selma, Shelby or #SutherlandSprings Our prayers are with our fellow...

Las Vegas: Prayers Today, but Action on Election Day

Our hearts are heavy for the families in Las Vegas who lost loved ones and for the survivors who are struggling with the pain and devastation brought on them. We must pray for them. We must also extend our deepest gratitude and appreciation to the first responders for running towards...

Harris County Commissioner Steve Radack Joins Chorus Blaming John Culberson for Flooded Neighborhoods in District 7

Steve Radack joins chorus blaming do-nothing John Culberson for failing to secure funding for the Corps of Engineers to protect us from flooding. The following is from the Dallas Morning News:   Congress should have given the corps more funding to buy all the reservoir...

Leadership is not ending DACA hoping that Congress will act.

Leadership is creating DACA because Congress will not act. Leadership is NOT ending the program hoping that Congress will act. Donald Trump ended the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) program that allowed 740,000 undocumented Americans to continue to live and work in...

Cargas for Congress TV Ad

Devastating Houston Floods Ad

  • Unlike Culberson, he’ll be a constructive force in Congress, which would be a welcome change. (Oct. 16, 2014)

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  • His experience as a congressional press secretary provides important background on navigating Congress. In fact, it is that experience that drove Cargas to run, hoping to provide a voice of common-sense collegiality to a system now seemingly dominated by tea party extremism. (July 19, 2012)

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  • [Cargas possesses] experience tailor-made to represent the district.  (Feb. 25, 2014)

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  • Throughout this election cycle, Culberson has faced criticism from Republicans and Democrats alike for being more of a busybody who panders to the tea party than a true representative. (Oct. 19, 2016)

  • Go for the candidate who talks about Houston issues and not just in cable news quotes. That candidate is James Cargas. (Feb. 25, 2014)

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  • In the 7th district … it’s time for a change. We endorse Democratic challenger James Cargas.  (Oct. 16, 2014)

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