The Houston Chronicle declared that my political and energy experience is “tailor-made to represent the district.” (Feb. 26, 2014)

28 years ago I worked on Capitol Hill when Jim Wright was the Speaker and Democrats and Republicans worked together – not always agreeing – but working together to pass legislation and move our Nation forward. Today, after 220 years, that Congress is gone. Today, Congress is stuck in gridlock due to ideological Tea Party members like John Culberson. If you want to get Congress working again, then elect me to represent the 7th District of Texas.

“Houston Can Do Better” with a congressman who will put Houstonians before party politics.


Cargas Will Solve the Worst Traffic in Texas, A Massive Problem Created by Culberson

    HOUSTON (Sept. 1, 2016) – Congressional District 7 includes the Galleria which has the worst traffic in Texas, and the Katy Freeway, one of Texas’ largest parking lots during rush hours. It’s no coincidence that the District also lacks any light rail...

Congressional Gridlock Now A Matter of Life and Death for Houstonians

    HOUSTON (Aug. 29, 2016) – House Republicans are playing with our lives when they play political games and refuse to fund Zika virus treatment and research. Last year, we learned the Zika virus was on its way to America. In February, the President asked...

The Worlds Energy Capital

    Houston is the world’s Energy Capital, this includes dominance in renewable energy as well as traditional oil and gas. Congressional District 7 is home to the Texas Energy Corridor and thousands of well-paying energy jobs. The Energy Corridor should...

Preventing Houston Floods – Pay Now or Pay Later

    HOUSTON (Aug. 22, 2016) -- Congressional District 7 has experienced some of the worst flooding in Texas – especially when Brays Bayou overflows its banks. This includes communities like Meyerland, Braeswood and Willowbend, and some communities in the...

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Energy Matters

Women Matter

Transportation Matters

  • His experience as a congressional press secretary provides important background on navigating Congress. In fact, it is that experience that drove Cargas to run, hoping to provide a voice of common-sense collegiality to a system now seemingly dominated by tea party extremism. (July 19, 2012)

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  • Go for the candidate who talks about Houston issues and not just in cable news quotes. That candidate is James Cargas. (Feb. 25, 2014)

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  • Experience tailor-made to represent the district.  (Feb. 25, 2014)

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  • Unlike Culberson, he’ll be a constructive force in Congress, which would be a welcome change. (Oct. 16, 2014)

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  • In the 7th district … it’s time for a change. We endorse Democratic challenger James Cargas.  (Oct. 16, 2014)

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Feel very privileged to receive endorsement from Houston 80-20 Asian American PAC @harrisdemocrats @texasdemocrats https://t.co/NqjpUK08hf

Thanks @Moo57556470 for including us with @petegallego & @JanForCongress in promoting #FlipItDem @texasdemocrats… https://t.co/4g0jLHFkPQ

Why there probably won't be a government shutdown Friday. https://t.co/1xjGwUN05Y Pray no more Gulf Coast storms for @HouseGOP to deal with

  • “The district leans Republican, but not so much that a moderate Democrat like Cargas can’t win”

    - Washington Monthly
  • “A much needed voice of reason in Washington DC”

    - Gayle Fallon, former President, Houston Federation of Teachers
  • ” He does not give up “

    - Rep. Alma Allen
  • “James has the depth and breadth of experience to serve in the United States Congress”

    - Rep. Jessica Farrar
  • “Recently federal research funding has suffered deep cuts, Cargas will work to restore federal research funding”

    - Dr. Robert Curl. Nobel Prize in Chemistry
  • “He is the candidate who can win in November against the Republicans and their Tea Party allies and stand up for women in these hostile times”

    - Senator Sylvia Garcia
  • “James is honest and hard-working with a strong commitment to public service”

    - Former At-Large Council Member Melissa Noriega
  • “Very early on, way before he came to Washington, I worked with James and his family in my district in Michigan as a liaison to the Greek community,His family was very well respected. James was a thoughtful, persistent, fine young man, including the time he was part of my communications group. If elected, I believe he will do a fine job for his constituents.”

    - Former Congressman David Bonior (D-MI)