War on women

Cargas is the Best Choice to Protect Women Against Culberson and the Tea Party
(HOUSTON)  July 26, 2012: HISD School Board Trustee Juliet Stipeche joins Sylvia Garcia, Jessica Farrar, and a growing chorus of influential women who have recently endorsed James Cargas and believe that he is the best candidate to replace Tea Party Republican and leader in the War Against Women, John Culberson.

Cargas responded with deep appreciation for his life-long commitment to supporting women’s issues,
“I am so proud and honored to have earned the endorsement from so many respected and influential women in the Democratic Party, as we face our Run-off Election on July 31st.  I thank you, Juliet, for all of the work you do for children, families, and education in HISD and thank you for your endorsement. Furthermore, I believe that Congress has gone too far with its rhetoric and actions against women.  Instead of focusing on the economy, jobs, and issues important to all Americans, they have chosen to attack women’s health issues, and a woman’s right to decide what to do with her body. “

The war on women is very real: since 2010, over 400 bills have been introduced into the Congress and State Legislatures attacking women’s reproductive rights.  John Culberson and Rush Limbaugh believe they know what’s best for women and women’s health.  They don’t; and neither do I.  Cargas added, “Women know what is best for themselves, and different women will make different choices regarding birth control, embryonic stem cells, and seeking affordable health care from clinics like Planned Parenthood.”  “If elected, I will not be telling women what they should do with their bodies,” Cargas pledged.

Former County Commissioner Sylvia Garcia added:
“We all know there’s a war against women going on right now. The assault isn’t just focused on our bodies: it’s focused on our children’s education, on equal pay, on Social Security, on Medicare, and pretty much any issue we as women care about.  Republicans and their Tea Party allies in this country have taken a stand against the progress we have made, and are slowly trying to turn back the clock and erode several generations of victories. And I strongly urge you to support my friend James Cargas for the United States Congress. He is the candidate who can win in November against the Republicans and their Tea Party allies and stand up for women in these hostile times.”

Houston deserves better.

James Cargas offers substantial public service experience. He served as a Congressional Aide, law clerk at the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission, Clinton White House aide, and special assistant in the U.S. Department of Energy under Secretary Bill Richardson.  He is currently Senior Assistant City Attorney for Energy for the City of Houston.  He and his wife, Dr. Dorina Papageourgiou, a neuroscientist at the Texas Medical Center,  currently live in Houston.