Rick Perry is hurting Texans

Statement from James Cargas, Democratic Candidate for US Congressional District 7, on Governor Perry’s announcement that Texas will not implement health insurance exchanges and will reject the Medicaid expansion as provided in the federal Affordable Care Act (also known as “Obama Cares”).
(HOUSTON) – July 11, 2012: Governor Rick Perry rejected Medicare expansion and the healthcare exchange, which would have provided life saving healthcare to millions of Texans, who are currently uninsured and cannot afford health insurance.  James Cargas opposes Gov. Perry’s unconscionable plan because it hurts thousands of families and children by denying them life-saving healthcare, and it financially hurts the medical community.

Furthermore, the Texas Medical Center and Texas health care providers just lost out on billions in federal funds under the Affordable Care Act (ACA) so Gov. Perry can score political points with the Tea Party.

Currently, hospitals and the entire healthcare system are struggling under the burden of uncompensated care.  To the extent possible, hospitals and other institutions pass part of this cost on to those with health insurance. The rest, these institutions must absorb.  The ACA addressed this by expanding Medicaid to 1.8 million additional Texans.  Implementation of this could have a great impact on the health care industry and our jewel, the Texas Medical Center.  These funds could mean new jobs for physicians, nurses, technicians, administrators, janitors and others in the medical community.  These funds could mean a boost in desperately needed resources for medical schools and hospitals.

Instead, Gov. Perry has put his desire to score political points with the anti-Washington Tea Party activists above what is best for Texas, Texans, and the Texas Medical Center.  This November, the people of Texas have an opportunity to put our economy and health before cheap political stunts by electing new leadership that will better represent all people.

Houston deserves better.