Phone Bank for James

As President Obama has stated numerous times, he cannot govern without like-minded Members of Congress being in a position of power to help move forth his agenda. My friend, James Cargas, is the only candidate running in the July 31st Primary Run-off who has proven he has the credentials and the ability to beat John Culberson this November.  Once elected, he will stand with President Obama, as he has stood with the Democratic Party all of these years, but he cannot do it without you. 

I am writing you today to ask for your help and support for James. He is a passionate Democrat that will stand with President Obama to ensure that important social programs like Medicare and Social Security will not disappear, and who will stop hostile legislation currently aimed at women.   To get there, he needs your help.  Over the next few weeks, we will be coordinating many volunteer activities and events that will require your assistance.  We’ll begin by making phone calls this weekend and early next week:

When:             Wednesday, July 11th or Saturday, July 14th
Time:              6PM to 8PM on Wednesday or 10AM to 4PM on Saturday
Location:        Call us for the location at (713) 581-0072

If you can spare an hour or two, this Wednesday or this Saturday, please let us know so that we may anticipate your arrival and have plenty of snacks and drinks available.  If you are unavailable Saturday, but would like to volunteer for our other upcoming events, please let us know what days we can count on you.

Elections are won by those who show up.  Help us ensure we get out the vote for James Cargas in the July 31st Primary Run-Off, so that we can turn your Congressional District blue and get rid of John Culberson, a man that votes against our interests!


Frank Sedita
Campaign Manager
Cargas for Congress