James Cargas Makes It Official: Files to Run In U.S. Congressional District 7

HOUSTON (Dec. 10, 2013): James Cargas has filed to run for U.S. Congress in Houston’s 7th District.  Cargas ran for the same position in the 2012 election cycle, making him the only Democrat to challenge the incumbent in consecutive races.

“We came close to winning in 2012, and will build upon our successes, established network, and name recognition to send John Culberson home in 2014.  I will be working with Battleground Texas and the Wendy Davis for Governor campaign to reach the 277,000 eligible voters who stayed home in 2012. The votes are there to win,” Cargas said.

Cargas is the only person with prior Congressional experience to file as a challenger.  He was a deputy press secretary to House Whip David Bonior (D-MI) prior to attending law school at The American University in Washington, DC.  After law school, he served under President Bill Clinton in the White House and at the U.S. Department of Energy during Secretary Bill Richardson’s tenure.  “I worked in Washington when Jim Wright of Fort Worth was the Democratic Speaker and Republicans controlled the White House, and when Newt Gingrich was the Republican Speaker and Democrats controlled the White House.  We didn’t always agree, but we worked together for the good of the American people.  That’s missing in Washington today.  I want to be part of a new team that gets Congress working again,” Cargas explained.

Public opinion of Congress was at an all-time low during the 2012 election. After House Republicans intentionally shut down the federal government this summer, it went even lower.  To make matters worse, the Washington Post reports the 113th Congress may not even pass 55 laws while prior Congresses averaged 140 laws during their first session.

“The only way to stop the economic and social damage of the Tea Party’s do-nothing approach to governing is to replace each and every one of them … starting with Culberson.”

“I have the experience and am ready to get Congress working again,” Cargas said.

 Houston Deserves Better!

James Cargas offers extensive public service experience. He has served in the U.S. House of Representatives as a deputy press secretary, Federal Energy Regulatory Commission as a law clerk, Clinton White House as an aide, and U.S. Department of Energy under Secretary Bill Richardson as a political appointee. He is currently the Senior Assistant City Attorney for Energy for the City of Houston. James and his wife, Dr. Dorina Papageorgiou, a neuroscientist are members of the Greek Orthodox Annunciation Cathedral.