Is She Really A Democrat?

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Lissa Squiers, is she really a Democrat?
Her Voting Record is Not
(HOUSTON) June 7, 2012:  Lissa Squiers has never voted in a Democratic Primary until this May after she suddenly decided to be a Democratic candidate. Squiers did not vote for the President in 2008. NGP VAN, the Democratic Party’s voter database, shows that James Cargas voted in four out of the last five Democratic Parties; Squiers’ record is void of any participation in primary elections (this year being the only exception) during the past twenty years, the period of data retained in NGP VAN. (Copies of Squiers and Cargas’ NGP VAN voting records are attached)

“To call yourself a Democrat at minimum means you publicly declare yourself a Democrat when you vote in the party’s primary,” said James Cargas, candidate for the Democratic nomination for 7th Congressional District. “Calling yourself a staunch Democrat means you care deeply about good candidates advancing and ultimately winning elections,” he continued, “it means you have to show up and vote for them.”

In light of her lack of tangible Democratic credentials, it is shameful that Squiers has been questioning Cargas’ three decades of Democratic roots.

“For thirty years, I have fought and defended Democratic values,” James Cargas said.  “If working in the Clinton Administration, and on the campaigns of every Democratic nominee for President since I was 18 isn’t Democratic enough, I don’t know what constitutes being a Democrat!”  Cargas was a paid campaign staffer for Gore2000 in DC, Iowa and Texas.  More recently, he was invited to work for then Sen. Barack Obama in Canal Winchester, Ohio, a suburb of Columbus, in the 2008 election.

Further telling is her deep association with the Green Party, including Perry Dorrell, a self-described Green Party Delegate, activist and blogger, and who also serves her campaign as communications director. Squiers was not a delegate to this weekend’s Democratic State Convention in Houston. Cargas was a delegate from Senate District 13.

In addition to her voting record and claim to be a staunch Democrat, Lissa Squiers has made numerous other misrepresentations about herself, James Cargas, and candidate Cargas’ wife throughout this campaign.  The Democratic Party and the electorate deserve better leadership.  They deserve James Cargas.

James Cargas’ diverse list of endorsements demonstrates his ability to bring Democrats together and to broadly represent all of Harris County if elected.  The Houston Federation of Teachers, Teamsters Local 988, Katy Area Democrats, Tejano Democrats, Stonewall Democrats, Democracy for Houston, and the Houston Black American Democrats (H-BAD) all stand proudly behind James Cargas as the next Congressman from the Texas 7th Congressional District.  For a full list of endorsements, please visit