Chronicle Gives Nod to Energy Lawyer James Cargas for Congress


Contact: Frank Sedita
Chronicle Gives Nod to Energy Lawyer James Cargas for Congress


(HOUSTON) July 20, 2012:  The Houston Chronicle has endorsed Houston energy lawyer James Cargas in the Democratic Runoff Election on July 31st.  The editors were impressed by his desire to return to Washington DC with a “common-sense collegiality to a system now seemingly dominated by tea party extremism.” Cargas is a former congressional staffer who already knows how to navigate Congress.
The editorial not only rejects the tea party’s extremism, but also the harsh anti-corporate rhetoric of Cargas’ opponent, finding it “neither a winning strategy nor the way to best represent Houston.”
The Chronicle gave great weight to Cargas’ expertise and knowledge of Houston’s energy industry as a major plus for the Democratic party and a district that contains much of Houston’s energy corridor. “In the midst of our natural gas boom, this founding member of the Oil Patch Democrats could be a strong voice for the Houston economy, showing that the oil and gas industry isn’t merely a Republican institution, but a broad and important economic driver that deserves attention from the entire political spectrum.”  “James Cargas seems excellently suited to reflect the district’s energy industry,” the Chronicle declared.
The editors also highlighted Cargas’ desire to emphasize Houston’s position as a national leader in the medical industry and bring federal grants back to the Texas Medical Center (TMC).  Over the past 12 years, the current congressman, Tea Party Culberson, has consistently voted against NIH, NSF and other medical research grant funding on which TMC research institutions depend.  This has cost Houston both knowledge-based jobs and economic development opportunities.
The full editorial can be read here:
Early voting begins this Monday, July 23rd.  Click here to find polling locations