(HOUSTON) May 24, 2012: In the upcoming May 29 Democratic primary all three prior Democratic candidates for Congressional District 7 have endorsed James Cargas, a Houston public servant, as the person who can defeat the incumbent congressman and serve in Congress with honor and distinction.  John Martinez, who ran in 2004, Jim Henley, who ran in 2006, and Michael Skelly, who ran in 2008, have all thrown their support behind James Cargas.

Skelly, a former wind energy executive, said, “four years ago, I promised New Energy for Congress, and, today, I want you to know that James Cargas is the best candidate to make good on that promise and end Washington’s gridlock.” In a recent message to primary voters, Skelly said, “help me finish what we started in 2008 and join me in voting for James Cargas.”

Henley, a former Lamar High School debate coach who currently serves as a Trustee on the Harris County Department of Education, said, “I have been following the contested primary race in CD7 and have concluded that James is a public servant and Democrat that deserves our vote on May 29.”  When introducing Cargas to his campaign team and supporters, Henley described Cargas as “a solid Democrat who supports many of the same issues that we fought for six years ago, including protecting Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid, balancing the Federal budget responsibly, and investing in education, research and science, infrastructure, public transportation, and sustainable energy.”

Martinez, added, “James Cargas has the depth of experience and understanding of what is important to the men and women of Harris County to be a great representative.” The 2004 candidate continued, “Cargas is a former Clinton White House aide and political appointee in Gov. Bill Richardson’s Department of Energy.  He is currently Mayor Annise Parker’s energy lawyer, a position he also held under Mayor Bill White.”  “What better person to represent the Energy Capital and Houston’s Energy Corridor, than James Cargas!”  Martinez is an international petroleum and mechanical engineer.

Cargas for Congress

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As the demographics and views of Harris County change, each democratic candidate earned more than the person before.  Martinez received 33.3%, Henley received 38.5%, Skelly received 42.3%, and, if a Democrat had run in 2010, that person would likely have received 46.8%.  If the same trend continues, Cargas will cross the winning threshold and earn 51.3% of the vote.  It’s time for Congressional District 7 to turn blue, and James Cargas is the person who will make it happen.

James Cargas offers substantial public service experience, including positions as a Congressional aide, law clerk at the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission, a Clinton White House staffer, and a special assistant in the U.S. Department of Energy under Secretary Bill Richardson.  He is currently Senior Assistant City Attorney for Energy with the City of Houston. In between Democratic administrations and working on several Democratic presidential campaigns, Cargas has served as in-house counsel in the pipeline and drilling services industries and as deputy director of the North American Energy Standards Board. Cargas and his wife, Dr. Dorina Papageorgiou, are members of Annunciation Greek Orthodox Cathedral.

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